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…we are pleased with the overall advice provided from inception to completion of the works. they have demonstrated professionalism and care in their services rendered

Chairperson for MCST 3303

The administration and support service of VBF was impeccable. They demonstrated initiative in following up on issues, provided timely reminders and maintained an excellent level of administrative and customer service support throughout.

Chairperson for MCST 3514

…They have demonstrated professionalism and resoluteness in their work. …M/s Vision Building Forensics Pte Ltd is a reliable Consultant, and we would recommend them to anyone, who may require their services.

R&R Sub Committee Members for MCST 2683

…and have provided high quality project management to facilitate the smooth completion of the R&R exercise of our estate. ….It has been a pleasure experience working with VBF

Managing Agent for MCST 3455

We are very satisfied with VBF for the professionalism, dedication shown throughout the project. … …We will not hesitate to recommend to our friends and associates as we are very confident with their services.

Managing Agent for MCST 831

Very good value for money

Managing Agent for MCST 1374